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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating an Account & Signing In

Why do I need to create an account to to play all the activities in Hearoes?



To experience all the features that Hearoes has to offer an account is needed as we take privacy and security very seriously. It also means by having an account, you can pick up where you left off with another device or use the same device for multiple accounts.

I created a new account but I'm still having trouble logging in?



Hearoes supports multi-factor authentication to make sure we can maintain a high level or security. When you create an account, we will send you a verification email, which will contain a link for you to click to finalise your account. After your account has been finalised, you'll be able to log in to Hearoes with you account details. This will only need to be done once, as Hearoes will automatically sign in next time you play the app. If you don't want Hearoes to sign in, you can choose not to by signing out in the settings menu.

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- Why do I need to create an account?


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- I can't see my verification email, what should I do?

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