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Hearoes provides gamified auditory training platform to support, develop and enhance hearing health around the world.

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Train with over 75+ games across the auditory training pathway that are designed to boost and improve skills and confidence in areas such as sound and phonetic awareness, auditory memory, and background noise.


By using the combination of proven assessments used in rehabilitation sessions with engaging activities and interactions helps creates an aesthetically engaging, self-paced experience to maximise outcomes.

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phonetic awareness training
auditory comprehension training
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Hearoes Auditory Training App
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Our specialist take tasks from the lab and adapt them into easy-to-learn games covering the five key modules in training:

  • Environmental Sounds

  • Introduction to Words

  • Vowel Identifications

  • Consonant Identifications

  • Sentences and Narratives


Each module contains a series of different specialised activities to help create a dynamic learning pathway to help make the most of all stages throughout the hearing journey.

Hearoes Aural Training on iPhone
Track your 

We understand the importance of progress. Hearoes allows you to see your progress on different activities as well as overall results in your daily training, so you can spend the time focusing on where you can develop progress and opportunities in learning.

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Hearoes collaborates with audiologist and speech pathologist to help bring engaging auditory training games suitable for different stages of your hearing journey.


By using the combination of proven assessments used in rehabilitation sessions with engaging activities and interactions helps creates an aesthetically engaging, tailor-made experience to maximise outcomes.

Hearoes suppported by research
Hearoes backed by research

“I am newly implanted and this is a brilliant app.  Very easy to use, and learn what you actually can hear.  I have really seen an improvement through using this app. I am sure it will benefit a great deal of people and I certainly will be recommending it." 

            Lamina, 34, US


“This is a really great program for re-training your ear and brain after a cochlear implant.


It’s engaging and challenging enough to keep me motivated."       


Harry, 24, AUS  

“Barely a week of activation and cannot hear sounds yet, but I think I'm getting the hang of the difference in vibration of each word using Hearoes app“


John, 56, AUS

“I've been using Hearoes with my (Deaf) students...they love it. One of my students enjoys 'What's that Order?' and now wants to work in a restaurant. Thank you for Hearoes. “


Jackie, Teacher for the Deaf, AUS

"It's a great app for practicing my understanding in different sounds and similar words. I love the activities."


Colin, 32, US

"I began using the Hearoes app in mid May after my new cochlear implant was fitted. I have achieved 100% in environmental sounds and a average 92% in all other sections. The whole way each area has been produced is amazing. It makes practising what could be boring and demoralising quite a calm and enjoyable activity."


Fiona, 18, US

"This the best  thing that I ever did. I just would like to thank you all. Thank you!"


Caleigh, 29, US

"This is the best leveled training test. I hope cochlear implant patients find this app. Thank you, Hearoes"


Tilton, 77, AUS

"I live by myself and find it really helpful. I love the different voices and accents"


Walter, 72, US

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  • Who can benefit from using the Hearoes?
    Auditory training can be beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their listening abilities , including those with hearing loss, cochlear implant / hearing aid wearers, auditory processing disorders as well as anyone aiming to improve their sound identifications and listening abilities. Through targeted exercises and regular practice, auditory training aims to helps individuals optimise their auditory processing skills, leading to improved communication, social interactions, and overall quality of life. Audiologist, speech pathologist, teachers and those involved in the auditory training journey with others can also benefit from Hearoes through features such as admin panel and on-going progress report monitoring of recipients.
  • I have a query that's not listed here. Where can I contact you or how can I get support?
    If you have any queries, feedback / comments, or anything we can help you with, we would love to hear from you...and you can contact us in the bottom right corner of our website or via email at
  • Are there different difficulty levels within the app?
    As Hearoes covers the key milestones in the auditory training pathway, there progressive difficulties across the five modules that we offer starting with environmental sounds through to vowels, consonants and sentences and narratives. There is also the option to select different accents and background noise for those looking for an extra challenge in difficulties.
  • What is an Hearoes, and how does it work?
    Hearoes is a unique auditory training app designed to unlock your listening potential. Whether you're a cochlear implant user, someone with hearing loss, or simply seeking to enhance your auditory abilities, Hearoes offers wide range of exercises and activities covering the auditory training pathway to help you track adapt and empower your potential and sharpen your listening skills. With engaging games and targeted challenges, you'll experience an immersive learning journey that adapts to your progress. Boost your speech recognition, sound discrimination, and auditory memory with Hearoes, and share your progress with others to maximise outcomes together. Flexible Training Customise your daily training focus - Choose between 3 or 10 games or simply navigate the auditory training pathway at your own pace. Over 75+ Games Improve skills and confidence in areas such as sounds and phonetic awareness, auditory memory, and background noise. Different challenges covering real world scenarios Focus on specific challenges such as different types of background noise and accents throughout your training. Performance Tracking Measure your progress and share your outcomes with others to maximise your outcomes together.
  • Is the app suitable for all ages?
  • What skills does the Hearoes aim to improve?
    Hearoes involves a range of exercises and activities aims to directly and indirectly improve various auditory skills and listening abilities such as: Speech Recognition: The ability to understand and identify speech sounds, words, and sentences, especially in challenging listening environments or in the presence of background noise. Sound Discrimination: The capacity to differentiate between different sounds, such as speech sounds, tones, musical notes, or environmental noises. Auditory Memory: The skill to remember and retain auditory information, such as sequences of sounds, words, or sentences. Auditory Attention: The ability to focus on specific sounds while filtering out irrelevant background noise or distractions. Auditory Closure: The capability to fill in missing parts of auditory information or complete words when they are partially obscured. Auditory Comprehension: The capacity to understand and interpret auditory information accurately. Listening in Noise: The ability to maintain effective communication and comprehension in noisy environments. Auditory Figure-Ground: The skill to distinguish and focus on the primary auditory signal in the presence of competing sounds or background noise.
  • Is Hearoes only suitable for those with cochlear implants or can it be used for others looking to work with sound identification and training?
    Due to the way that Hearoes has been developed, we have found there are also others who have received value from the activities and content in the app, such as those with hearing aids and other hearing devices, as well as auditory processing disorders, or simply would like to improve their listening and auditory memory skills. As it covers a lot of the key modules in auditory training pathway, it can be suitable for those at different stages in their hearing journey, whether just at the start or beginning stages, through to later stages of their training.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • I've created an account, but I'm having trouble signing in.
    If you've created an account, but having trouble signing in, it may be due to not verifying your account. As take security and privacy very seriously, we'll send you a verification email to the email address you've signed in with. Simply click on the link inside this email to verify your account. After verifying your account, you'll be able to sign into the app. You'll only need to do this process once, and next time you open the app, it will automatically sign into the app, unless you choose to sign out. If you sign out, you can simply log in again by opening the app, navigating to the "Have an Account" and then type in your email and password and it'll sign you in again. If the verification link says that it's "expired" or already verified, simply try to log in via the Hearoes app, and then a pop up will appear, select "Send Email Again", we'll send you a new verification link to verify and then sign into the app then. If you didn't receive your verification email, please check your junk/spam folder as well, in case. If you don't receive your verification email, please try and resend it, simply by signing into the app, and opting for a new link to be sent, and if this doesn't work, please email me at and I'll look into it further for you. To make all this process easier, we also provide the opportunity to "Sign in With Apple" or "Sign in With Google", which don't require verification emails (as they do it for you). Simply navigate to "Have an Account", then select "Sign In With Apple/Google" and it'll sign you into the app.
  • What's the difference between an admin and a recipient account?
    We understand that there are slightly different experiences in auditory training whether going through as a recipient or admin and so we've really focused on maximising the value for both in the journey, for example the . Although similar, there are some key difference better admin and recipient accounts: The main difference is that the admin focuses on a monitoring experience, whereas the recipeint account mostly focuses on the training material and content itself. For example, the admin accounts have access to the Admin Panel, where they can: Create recipient accounts remotely on their dashboard; Link Recipient accounts to their dashboard See and follow the realtime on-going progress of the recipients linked; Instead of the Admin Panel, the Recipient account has a Hearing Journal, where they can note down their holistic thoughts about their hearing journey as well as a couple of other features to assist them with their training.
  • How do I create and link recipient accounts?
    To create and link recipient accounts, its simply a two step process. First step is creating the account from your admin panel, and the second step is sharing the details with the recipient, so they can log into their new account. First step - Creating the recipient account: Navigate to the Admin panel page on the bottom menu bar. Click on "Create Account" Fill out the name of the recipient account and it'll appear on your Admin Dashboard; Second step - Sharing the details of the Linked Account: Let the recipient know your 6 digit code (found on the Admin Dashboard) and the name of the account you created; The recipient can then open the app, choose "Have an Account", then "Linked Account" and type in the details you provided, and they'll be able to log into their account. The recipient will automatically log into this account, next time they open the app, unless they choose to "sign out", in which they can simply follow step two and sign in again.
  • How can I create an admin account?
    To create an admin account, simply: Open the app Choose "Create an Account" Then choose " Admin Account" Complete the details (name, email address, password etc) to create an account For security reasons, we'll send a verification email for you to verify your created account, simply click on the link in the verification email, and your account will be ready.
  • Does Hearoes work for audiologist, speech pathologist, teachers and others involved in the auditory training process?
    Yes, Hearoes is also designed to be a platform for audiologist, speech pathologist, teachers and others involved in the auditory training process through an "Admin" account. This includes exclusive experiences such as ability to create recipient accounts as well as remotely monitor on-going progress throughout the app.
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