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About Hearoes
Our Story

I went for a jog shortly after my cochlear implant and could hear a jingling noise. When I stopped jogging, to try and identify the sound, it stopped. I wasn’t sure what it was. And it wasn’t until I got home, I realised the noise was coming from the coins in my pocket. I learned although I could hear some new sounds, it was very challenging being able to identify them.

Since the early days of creating several activities to assist myself in the process of learning to identify sounds in the noisy world around us, Hearoes has continued to help thousands of people around the world to the joy of new sounds and confidence.

Our Vision

To provide accessible and tailored support to those with hearing loss, helping them to make the most of their hearing, improve their well being and achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Helping those with hearing loss globally understand and identify sounds and the environment around them.

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