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Help us improve Hearoes!

We would love for you to experience our new beta update and test out some of the new activities and leave feedback, both the good and the bad.
Some of the exciting features:

  • completely new menu redesign

  • new and updated modules and content

  • over 50+ new sounds and words including new activities featuring background noise, sentences, and narratives. 

To test the new version of Hearoes, you will need to have an Android or iOS device and click on the link to download the new beta version of the app. 
Our mission is to create the most engaging and comfortable way to learn new sounds and words to help you with your hearing journey. Since it’s a beta version not everything is perfect yet. But with your help, we can make it as engaging and fun to learn new sounds and words as possible.

Have a question about the Beta? Just email me at :) 

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